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Mid Size Travelwedge - Helpful Tips

When used on top of a bed or any other sleeping surface, here are a few tips to increase comfort:

  • Add some padding. If you have a foam pad or in a pinch an extra blanket or even bath towels. You can place these on top of the wedge for additional comfort.

  • Add a Fitted Sheet from a Twin Bed . Once you have added padding as above, wrap the unit and padding in your fitted sheet.

  • Add an extra pillow. Depending on how tall you are, some users find added comfort by placing an extra pillow at the bottom of the wedge under your legs. The fitted sheet from above should be large enough to wrap around the wedge, padding and the pillow.

  • Don’t inflate 100% . This may sound counter intuitive but leaving a small amount of give can make for a more comfortable night sleep.

We hope these tips are helpful, if you find tips of your own that you think will help others please let us know! sales@travelwedge.com