sleep with your head raised wherever you are sleeping!

Comfortable & Convenient Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

Travelwedge is the 

Original Inflatable Bed 

Wedge Pillow

Only Travelwedge offers Heat Sealed Seams and I-Beam Construction for extra durability!

Happy Customers


Following an esophagectomy 9 months ago, it is critical that I sleep on an incline, at least from the waist up. Easy enough at home. More challenging on the road. We took the Travelwedge with us on a trip packed in carry on luggage and it worked perfectly.

Martin - Los Angeles, CA

Makes Travel Enjoyable!

Took this on long vacation and it worked great. Despite daily location changes, it inflated easily, packed up fast and provided a nice sleep at night. My wife could sleep beside it on large mattresses, and on a single, I put it under the mattress for extra comfort. No more scrounging and arranging a variety of pillows into a comfortable ramp!!

Sam - Nashville, TN

How To Inflate  The Small-Size Inflatable Bed Wedge

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