How to deal with Acid Reflux while Traveling
How to deal with Acid Reflux while Traveling

How to deal with Acid Reflux

while traveling...

by Adam Carmen

If you have acid reflux (GERD) and you like to travel, it does not have to be torture. Just follow these simple tips.

Relief Kit

Be prepared! Traveling can bring up all sorts of unfamiliar situations. Irregular eating habits, unfamiliar foods, unhealthy foods and who knows what else. Make sure you have a stash of the things that make you feel better: Tums, RX reflux pills (Zantac, Prilosec etc), Baking Soda, Aloe Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar etc…

Don’t Forget Your Meds

This goes without saying, but if you take medication for reflux on a daily basis, keep them regular. If you normally take them in the morning and at night, try to stick with that as much as possible while traveling.

Pick your restaurants wisely

Or at least pick from the menu wisely. If you know what Pizza with Red Sauce and Raw Onions is going to send you into complete agony, maybe go for the white pizza with olive oil. Just an example, clearly you know your body the best. Everyone has their trigger.

Try to cook for yourself if you can

If you are staying some place that has a kitchen and you can cook some of your meals “IN” that is always a good idea. You know what you like and what makes you feel good. Plus eating out every single meal really becomes a drag after a while.


We all know reflux can become worse at night. If you sleep with your head raised at home, there is no reason you need to suffer while you are traveling by sleeping on a flat bed. Trying to pile up extra pillows never works. Get yourself a high quality Inflatable Bed Wedge that you can toss in your suitcase.


Well hopefully if you are traveling for vacation! But if not, try and find some time to de stress. Meditate if you like to do that or try learning how to use diaphragmatic breathing. Stress can really aggravate reflux. It becomes a vicious cycle. Reflux begins, it stresses you out, and you begin breathing shallow, which causes more stress, which in turn causes more reflux.

Traveling does not have to be torture if you have acid reflux, just don’t overdo it and keep to a regular routine as much as possible. Have a great trip! 

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