How Much Should I Inflate My Travelwedge?

how much should I inflate my travelwedge?

Answer: 50-70%

by Adam Carmen

Ok so you bought a brand new Travelwedge Inflatable Bed Wedge. First thing you do is open the package, unfold the wedge and inflate to test it out.

The obvious inclination for most people is to inflate it 100%.

After all, that’s what we do with beach balls, camping mattresses and pool floats right? Well that is true, but in the case of the Travelwedge Inflatable Bed Wedge, you may want to take a different approach.

Inflating 100%, for most people, will result in a restless night sleep. See when your Travelwedge is 100% inflated it’s “hard”. Even though it has some give and it’s filled with air (which sounds soft right?), it still produces a hard surface to sleep on.

The other thing that happens when you inflate 100%, is the low end is a full 2 inches high. This also makes sleeping on your Travelwedge a little more difficult. In this scenario, some people complain about having too much of a “ledge” at the low end.

So how much should I inflate my Travelwedge?

Well the right percentage is really up to you, but we recommend between 50% and 70%. It seems odd to only inflate your Travelwedge 50%, but that is where many people find it most comfortable. At 50-60% inflation, the low end comes to a complete point (less than a quarter inch). When you lay down on the wedge with 50-60% inflation, because of the wedge shape, all the air goes to the high end.

This produces a more stable wedge to sleep on, with a true wedge shape and ultimately a better night’s sleep!

If you have a tip or trick you would like to share for the best way to use a Travelwedge Inflatable Bed Wedge, please email us and we will share with everyone.