Sleeping With Your Head Raised Wherever You Are Sleeping

Sleeping With Your Head Raised


by Adam Carmen

If you have Acid Reflux (GERD) or any other condition that requires your head to be elevated while sleeping, you have probably experienced the discomfort, pain and agony while traveling and sleeping in a hotel or someplace other than your home.

Once you get used to sleeping with your head raised, sleeping on a flat hotel bed can seem like torture. It is well known that, for those who suffer from Acid Reflux (GERD), sleeping with your head raised helps prevent (with the aid of gravity) stomach acid from traveling up your esophagus while you are sleeping. For some, if this happens it’s extremely painful. While others have “Silent GERD” which can lead to an even more serious condition called Barrett’s Esophagus.

There are many existing remedies for a permanent raised bed system at home. Some examples include: Dense Foam Wedge that lives under your mattress, bed raisers, and custom wooden platforms among others. However until now there were no acceptable solutions for sleeping with your head raised when not at home.

Recently one company, has developed an Inflatable Bed Wedge. They produce three different sizes. Full-Size and Mid-Size and Small-Size. All three wedges are 30 inches wide (half the width of a queen mattress) and both are 8 inches high at the high end. However the Full-Size is 69 inches long while the Mid-Size is 45 inches long and the Small-Size is 32 inches long. The Small-Size comes with a Custom Fitted, Soft, Peach Skin Cover. The same cover is also available for the Mid-Size but sold separately.

All units can be used either by themselves, where you sleep directly on the wedge. Or they can be used under a mattress for an even more comfortable night sleep. To use under a mattress you need two for a Queen bed or three for a King bed. The under mattress set up takes a little more time and typically requires more than one person. You can also put one Mid or Small-Size under a twin mattress/

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Say Goodbye to nighttime reflux!