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Helps alleviate symptoms of Acid Reflux (GERD)
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Who should use Travelwedge?
Anyone who needs to sleep with their head raised either at home or while traveling.
How does Travelwedge work?
Travelwedge works by allowing you to sleep at a full gentle incline wherever you are sleeping. You can put one Travelwedge on any sleeping surface and sleep directly on it, or you can place more than one underneath your current Full, Queen or King size mattress.
Ideal for Travel
If you already sleep with your head raised at home and would like the same comfort when you travel, this is your answer. We offer three Travelwedge versions. Full-Size, Mid-Size and Small-Size. The Full-Size weighs only 3.8 pounds and folds up to the size of a folded dress shirt. Inflates in under 1 minute with a standard hair dryer on a cool setting. Also deflates in under a minute for quick exits from your hotel. The Mid-Size also inflates quickly with a powerful lightweight foot pump and weighs 3 pounds. The Small-Size comes with a soft peach skin custom fitted cover and weighs 2.2 pounds.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We are so confident that you will love your Travelwedge. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, just let us know and we will set up an exchange or issue a full refund.
Why Choose Travelwedge?
As the inventors of Travelwedge, we could not find this product on the market. After trying many different wedges, all with miserable results, we decided it was time to develop our own product. Finally an elegant solution to sleeping with your head raised wherever you are sleeping.

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Benefits of Sleeping With Your Head Raised
Studies show that sleeping with your head in the wrong position may negatively affect your blood circulation and flow of oxygen which may lead to certain illnesses....
This worked out perfect!
Matthew Farmdale from NY, NY

I sleep with my head raised at home, had a summer vacation coming up, bought two of these. Got to our resort, inflated both with a hair dryer on cool setting. They slipped right under our Queen Mattress. Honestly this is the most comfortable I have slept on vacation in years.
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